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Debbie Van Camp, Owner/Director CBWN

For over five years, Debbie has been employed by Family Enterprise Xchange (FEX).  Her natural ability to connect people and ensure they feel they are part of a community has enabled her to take on the role as Regional Manager, Prairies.  Family business is unique and an integral part of Canada’s economy!

Debbie and Ilona have been partners and co-owners of CBWN Edmonton and Calgary.  Calgary is going into its tenth year!  Every month, connecting, educating and inspiring women entrepreneurs makes the monthly luncheons one of the best days of Debbie’s month!

The common thread is helping people!





Ilona Makar, Owner/Director CBWN

Welcome to the Calgary Business Women Network!

As I began my tenure as a proud new Calgary Chapter Director back in 2009, I found myself excited by the possibilities that lay ahead for my networking group and our members!  Continuing now as your Co-Director and Co-Owner, it truly has been and continues to be a pleasure and my passion to be linked with such powerful group of like-minded women!

I am a proud native Calgarian, born, raised, and educated in this great city.  My employment experiences range from working as a legal assistant, managing retail clothing stores, successfully running my own clothing businesses for a decade, Business Development Manager for a local software company and now an exciting job with BrandAlliance as a Promotional Marketing Account Manager.  Over the past decade, I have been managing, mentoring, training and motivating teams of women to success in their business.  Consistently running successful businesses for years have helped me build incredible business relationships and a large network of business associates.

Public speaking is a fear for many but something I love to do!  My parents, who I owe a debt of gratitude to, enrolled me in the art of public speaking very early in grade school and I continued with it through into adulthood, including a time with Optimists International.  I love to see women excel through and conquer this very natural fear within our group; seeing that, with the encouragement of the nurturing group of CBWN women – they too can do it and be a successful spotlight speaker within our group.

After attending my first networking meeting in 2009, I was hooked and became excited by the possibilities that this organization could hold for my business, for the networking opportunities that it could foster and the vast number of women who I could assist with their business by introducing them to CBWN!  I truly believe in the philosophy behind CBWN and the potential it has to make a difference in our professional and personal lives.

Dream big and it will come – this is my vision!  Our members are the driving force behind the success of this organization and together with my passion for CBWN and the united force of this dynamic Calgary group, our network has been growing consistently every year!  Our members benefit from this growth and we are looking for more like-minded business women to join us!

I know that when you attend one of our meetings, you will come away a renewed enthusiasm for your business and some solid contacts to move it forward.  Looking forward to networking with you in the near future!  Come and check us out!


Zandra Bell,
 Zandra Bell Unlimited

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